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Terrific Tuesdays 1-8-19

New Life Fellowship Hmong church team.

Hi to all of our Inca Link Heroes,

Happy 2019! We have almost completed 20 years in this century. Wow. 

Here are some of our updates of what Inca Link is doing:

Percy preaching at the women’s prison.
  1. Elim, the ministry for at risk kids and families in Trujillo, Peru, finally has the property in their name. Praise the Lord. Now the architect is drawing up the plans. Please pray. 
  2. We have a short-term team from the New Life Fellowship Hmong church from Kansas City, KA. 
  3. We are still in need of $1,430 to reach our $20,000 goal to help us start the 2nd of 15 countries. Honduras will start in 2019, now we are studying Costa Rica, Chile, Uruguay and Brazil. Please pray with us about this and help us reach our goal by giving here
  4. Percy Figueredo preached in the women’s prison in Peru and handed out food to over 250 women, and 2,500 men.
  5. Our intern reunion was last weekend. Wow, was it awesome.  They served at a food bank organizing food.

Highs – We had a great time as a family in Argentina for the holidays. We also installed Mishayla in Peru.

Lows – Josiah wasn’t with us and Mishayla is having trouble with her Peruvian documents. 

Installing our newest missionary (third from the right) and meeting with Brent and Stephany.

2 Prayer requests

  1. That we could find a good University for Alexa to attend in the fall. 
  2. That Mishayla’s documents could be corrected quickly. 

Goals reached for the kingdom of God an Inca Link – We spent a day with the short-term team in Peru, installed our newest missionary (Mishayla :)), met with Brent and Stephany, spoke at a training for 220 parents in Peru and finished the book that should come out this year. 

Intensely focused,

Rich and Elisa