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Terrific Tuesdays 10-25-16


Terrific Tuesdays a little different 🙂 – cuz TOMORROW IS WEAR IT WEDscreen-shot-2016-10-25-at-12-12-13-pmNESDAY

Who wants to win an Inca Link sweatshirt or a T-shirt? We are having a competition tomorrow for Wear It Wednesday. We need ALL of you to help promote this. Check out the prizes here – – ***Only one sweatshirt or T-shirt per winner.***

The Fun Competition

We have a goal to reach – if we get 4,500 total likes on our FB page, then the person whose Wear It Wednesday picture gets the most likes will win the prize. If we reach 5,000 likes on our FB page, the top three people whose pictures get the most likes win. So get your friends to “Like” Inca Link´s FB pag12079581_922749951094260_5339766229569520186_ne

  1. Post a picture with Inca Link paraphernalia on – tag Inca Link’s FB page and use the hashtag #wearitwednesday. Get your friends to LIKE your picture. If we have 4,500 likes by November 1st and your picture has the most likes, YOU WILL WIN!
  2. If we have 5,000 likes on the IL FB page by November 1st, THE THREE PEOPLE WHO GET THE MOST LIKES ON THEIR PICTURE WILL WIN!screen-shot-2016-10-25-at-12-06-58-pm
  3. ALL OF US – please go to our FB page, go to “invite friends” and please invite 10 friends each. See screen shot to know how to do this.


Wear It Wednesday for all

We can’t wait to see the creative posts you put up with whatever you have/create with Inca Link’s name. Here’s how it works – take a picture wearing or holding your Inca Link stuff and:

  • For Facebook, make it your temporary profile picture for the day and be sure to tag Inca Link in the description and use the hashtag #wearitwednesday (if Facebook doesn’t let you tag our page in the description, make sure you have liked our page! If you have, try switching to a computer to post your picture),
  • For Twitter and Instagram, tag @inca_link and use the hashtag #wearitwednesday.12105958_928168173885771_2416092996726415617_n-1

If you don’t have anything to use for Wear It Wednesday, beg, borrow, or buy something from our online store.

We can´t wait to see how God will use Inca Link for further ministry. Thanks for participating in Wear it Wednesday with us tomorrow :).

Intensely Crazy and focused,
Rich and Elisa