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Terrific Tuesdays 2-13-24

Happy Terrific Tuesday! We’re excited because we are back in Chosica, Peru with the Saccsaras, and they have been telling us about a new ministry.

  • What is this new ministry? We would like to use CrossFit as a new and powerful way to reach the youth. We have been praying for more than a year for this, and we would love to start next year in order to reach more youth for God.
  • Are there any CrossFitters looking to use this as a ministry opportunity? It would be so wonderful to see this ministry take off in 2024 all over Latin America!
  • How can people get involved? They could come to Chosica. We work with our local youth (not just from the church) that would like to be involved that need a place to go and work out or have fun. We also do volleyball, so you can send teams. We also want to promote going to the communities in the mountains to promote fitness and health, and also sharing the gospel with them.
  • Wouldn’t it be amazing to have CrossFit competitions in different countries where we could focus on how to use CrossFit to disciple more youth of Latin America? Pray about getting involved and being a part of the CrossFit ministry starting in Runa Simi, Peru, for people who speak Quechua or Spanish, and see how this ministry can reach and disciple more young people. Learn more about our Runa Simi ministry here.

Have a great week! God bless you.