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Terrific Tuesdays 2-7-23

Happy Terrific Tuesday! We are so happy to be in Trujillo, Peru, with Jeff and Chloe, who are missionary residents with Inca Link!

  • What does it mean to be a missionary resident? A residency is the first 2 years with Inca Link as missionaries. With it, there is training and you get on the field, and they help walk you through all of it. From there, you meet with Inca Link to see if it’s a good fit and see where you want to go from there. We have really been enjoying it so far.
  • What ministries have you been involved with in Peru and what have you really enjoyed? In Trujillo, we are working with Mana, Inca Thakhi and Amijai. We are mainly working with kids and teens. Amijai also works with moms. We just love all the different ways that we get to serve, whether that’s through music, teaching English, or sports. It’s a wide variety, but all things that we really enjoy and we love working with kids.
  • How long have you been here and how long are you staying? We have been here for almost a month. We’ve been residents for this past year. We’ve bounced around countries for a bit and we don’t know how long that will continue as plans always change. We’re hoping to stay for a long time and we’re praying and walking and seeing what the Lord wants and how long we will be here.
  • As we think about what Jeff and Chloe have had to go through since they’ve been married only 6 months, they thought the Lord was going to take them to Costa Rica, but it didn’t work out because of visas. Then they thought Argentina, which may work out still, but hasn’t worked out yet. So they were in Ecuador helping out until they were able to come here. It’s like God had it prepared for them to come to Trujillo.
  • A question for YOU: Do you know anyone that could be a resident? Do you want to be a resident? Come check it out and try it out. See missions for yourself and if God has this in your future. Learn more here.

Have a great week everybody!