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Terrific Tuesdays 3-12-19

After 2 years of separation, it was a great time together at the Inca Link Retreat in Trujillo, Peru. There’s nothing like getting together with people that have the same feelings, of listening to testimonies, of dreaming of greater things, of laughing and crying together. The highest high for us has been the gift of being together with many from Inca Link. We continue to be amazed at what God has done and continues to do through imperfect but obedient people. 13 years strong and we continue for more.

It’s better to show this video as the high of these past two weeks. Enjoy!


Highest highs: 

  1. The Easons returned and we are enjoying their presence at home today.
  2. This video of part of the Runa Simi ministry with the Saccsaras shows how spectacular it is to work with the New Generations:
  3. With every meeting with ILI, ILE, and ILP we are reaching new goals
  4. Josiah enjoyed a volleyball and soccer tournament at his university. His team won first place in soccer and for volleyball…well they made it to the playoffs. The tournament started at 8am and finished around 2am. He loved it.

Prayer Requests: 

  • That God give us a lot of wisdom as we walk by faith in these months.
  • That God grant us divine connections for all the Inca Link projects and staff and volunteers to help in the task of reaching the 300 million youth of Latin America.
  • Pray for Mishayla as she looks for where God can maximize her potential in Trujillo.
  • That ILI be able to win back the soccer cup that ILE took at this retreat.

Goals reached for the Kingdom of God:
A good retreat. All of the attendees arrived well. We learned, we played, we rested
A good return home for everyone
Kairos Quito, ILE meeting.

Intensely focused,

Rich and Elisa