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Terrific Tuesdays 3-21-17

Hi to all of our Inca Link Global family, 

We are in a crisis again with the phenomenon El Niño in Peru. It has been raining so much in Peru, mostly in the mountains, that the rivers have overflowed and have flooded the cities, towns and villages. Statistics are talking about many people losing their lives, many more (over 77,000) lost their homes and many are without food, water and jobs.

We dedicate this Terrific Tuesday to them. 

  1. Please pray for the people in Trujillo who lost everything. We thank God that none of our people lost their lives, but they are in dire need. We thank God that our team on the ground in Peru has been doing a great job helping those who have been affected most. They are saying this is the worst flooding in the history of Trujillo, Peru. 
  2. Pray for Joca, Eli, Brenda, Stephany and Brent Fredrick who have seen their friends and families affected by all of this too. They have worked hard to put on waterproof roofs on homes, taken drinkable water to families since we have a well on our property, and have taken food to the families who participate in our projects. 
  3. Pray for Daniel Ascencio who is on vacation in Spain and is worried about his family and the Inca Link Peru family but feels like his hands are tied while away.
  4. Pray that Inca Link will be able to raise enough funds to help cover the destruction of the homes of most of our people. Our goal is to raise $100,000 for this. Click here if you would like to contribute. 
  5. Our team has given bags of food and water to more than 602 people this week. They are being the hands and feet of Jesus. Praise God!
  6. The Saccsaras in the south of Peru are having all kinds of ministry opportunities as they are between two valleys where rivers are overflowing.

Highs – The sun came out today. We feel a little warmth :). Alexa has had the most points in her first two games of basketball at the Alliance Academy.

Lows – all that has been happening in Peru. We are a little behind on some projects – Training lessons, books, etc.. We lack enough time :)!

2 prayer requests – Pray for the retreat with the Envision Latin America missionaries from El Salvador, Dominican Republic and Mexico. This will be our first regional retreat with Envision LA starting this week. Pray for Mishayla as she prepares to graduate this May and for God´s guidance in her life for the next steps.

Goals met for the kingdom of God and Inca Link – Emails, curriculum for interns, we went to Manta, Ecuador to see a group from Elisa´s Seamless Link in Canada, we saw the Bonsai ministry, visited the Eason´s and Anna Jacobson, the Inca Link Ecuador Assembly, meetings with Especialidades 625, Skype meetings and Google Hangouts with our missionaries from ILE, missions committee meetings in Guayaquil and Entrenosotras.

Intensely Focused 🙂

Rich and Elisa