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Terrific Tuesdays 3-22-22

Happy Terrific Tuesday! We are here in Portoviejo, Ecuador with Percy and Gema.

  • What is your project P7.8? What we do in P7.8 is connect the children with God. While the parents are working in the garbage dump mining for recyclables, we take care of the children, we teach them the Bible, we bring them food to eat, and we try to help them with tutoring for their schoolwork. We’ve seen really great results! There are more and more people that are starting to fear the Lord and getting to know more about him. We have 45 kids, and they are all growing in the Lord.
  • How can people get involved in P7.8? You can get involved by visiting our website here and you can learn all about this wonderful ministry and options for how you can give and how you can be involved in this wonderful project. It’s also super easy to donate!

Have a wonderful week!