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Terrific Tuesdays 4-19-22

Happy Terrific Tuesday! We are here in Peru with Claudia, our sponsorship child from Mana!

  • At what age did you start going to Mana and how did Mana help you? I came to Mana when I was 7 years old. It has really helped me to get to know the children more, to learn more spiritually, and to grow with my family.
  • It’s super exciting to be sponsors of a child and to see the change that happens in their life. If you’re interested in sponsoring a child, we have sponsorship programs in Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and Guatemala. We have opportunities to break the cycles of poverty, not just physically, but educationally and spiritually. Claudia is now working and studying at university, and she is set to graduate next year to be a teacher! She has also been volunteering at Mana for years, serving in the children’s and adolescents programs. It is such a blessing to us as her sponsors to be able to have someone that we can pour into and pray for, and she prays for us. It has been a blessing to see someone grow from 7 years old to university-age that is breaking the cycles of poverty herself. She has come full circle from getting to know Jesus to now serving others for Jesus. So we want to encourage you to find a child you can sponsor. Click here to learn more.

Have a great week and Lord bless you!