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Terrific Tuesdays 4-4-23

Happy Terrific Tuesday! We are in Florida loving the heat!

  • We wanted to answer a question that a lot of people ask us: If you are so into reaching the 300 million youth of Latin America, why do you raise your support? That is a great question because we would love to pay all of our staff. But we have learned from the beginning, and our board has been very clear, that we want the majority of the funds to go to the needs of the people. We have 26 projects throughout 7 countries, many working with the most vulnerable people on the planet. So we want to make sure our resources get to them. Therefore, only 10% of every dollar stays in the US to help pay our part-time staff. All full-time staff raise their support so that the majority of the funds go to the needs of the people. And after 17 years, that’s what has happened.
  • We have seen lives resurrected. As we’re about to celebrate Easter, we cannot get over how God continues to transform lives and he allows all of us in Inca Link to be witnesses to what he can do. So be a part of that with us!
  • If you’re a donor already, thank you! Your money is getting to where the needs are and you’re helping us reach the 300 million youth of Latin America. If you’re not a donor, consider partnering with us. We’re looking for people to come join us on a short-term team, long-term team, as a missionary or staff member. We have all kinds of needs. Click here to learn more.

Happy Easter, everybody! Have a great week.