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Terrific Tuesdays 4-9-24

Happy Terrific Tuesday! We are so excited because we are in Montero, Bolivia, and we are on short-term missions with families.

  • What is a good reason to bring a family on an missions trip and what is a challenge?
    • A good reason to take a family on a mission trip is to help them understand how the global church worships Christ. It is very important for us to really instill in our kids an attitude of missions and to better understand how people around the world worship God.
    • A challenge of bringing children along on a missions trip is that, as a parent, it’s difficult understanding or knowing how to guide their behavior in a cultural context and with norms that are potentially different from back home.
    • I think it is a great experience for kids to come on a trip, and it really strengthens their bond with God.
  • This is a terrific Tuesday because families can also go on missions. Learn more about serving as a family.

Have a great week!