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Terrific Tuesdays 5-21-24

Happy Terrific Tuesday! We are super excited because God is doing amazing things in and through Inca Link, and many of you are a part of that.

  • At Casa Elizabeth this month, we had a Mother’s Day celebration with about 25 people in attendance, including the women’s Air Force in Ecuador, who came and gave gifts to our girls at Casa Elizabeth.
  • Inca Link Peru is celebrating their 17 year anniversary this month! There are so many families and communities that have been impacted by these ministries.
  • We had a bit of a rough month personally. We had some exams done and one of them went awry, resulting in Elisa spending the night in the hospital. But everything is great, all the tests came back normal. Thank you to everyone who prayed for her.
  • Here are the people we would like to celebrate this month:
  1. Ignacio and Meylin Mireles. They have been serving with us for 12 years! We could not be more proud of them. They have had some rough punches health-wise that prevented them from being at our missionary institute in the jungle, Ninawachi. But they rolled with the punches and found ways to still be directing the academics there. Please be praying for their family as they are looking to the future and could be planting a church soon. Something interesting about them is that they were our very first interns who became missionaries with Inca Link! Meylin is from Nicaragua and Ignacio is Mexican American.
  2. Greg Walton. He and his wife are from South Africa, and they squinted their eyes and ears throughout their whole ministry to see what God is doing and adjust to what He’s doing. They are doing amazing work in Canillá, Guatemala, and he is the chair of the board of Inca Link Guatemala. Right now, Greg is in Jordan, he’s been in Pakistan. Wherever the Lord takes him, he’s trying to figure out how to help kids get to know Jesus through education. They are people who inspire us all the time.
  3. Katy Thomas. She came to us from Louisiana three years ago and has been teaching at the Alliance Academy in Quito, Ecuador. In her position, not only was she ministering to third culture kids, but she was also helping our Inca Link missionary families gain scholarships to attend the school. We are so grateful for Katy; she has all kinds of energy. We’re sad that this is her last year with us; she will be returning to teach in Louisiana. But we wanted everyone to know how much we love her. Please reach out to us if you or someone you know is interested in becoming a missionary teacher.
  4. Juan Cruz. He came to a youth encounter we ran a few years ago and became a Christian. He’s the pastor that took our place at the América Sur church when we left as youth pastors, continued to do the youth encounter himself, and became the lead pastor in a church in Porvenir, Peru. He’s also the director and president of the whole Alliance district, and he’s the chair of the board for Inca Link Peru. We are very grateful for him.

Have a marvelous, wonderful, terrific Tuesday and a great week. God bless you.