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Terrific Tuesdays 5-8-18

Hi to all of our friends at Inca Link,

Here are some of our latest updates: 

  1. We have a good group of interns in Ecuador these days and are thankful to God for them.
  2. Casa Elizabeth – our teen pregnancy center – is still under construction – pray for more money to finish it soon 🙂 
  3. The Kairos Course for facilitators that Elisa and I led was quite successful, with 19 Colombian pastors and leaders in attendance and 37 total attendees. 
  4. In Peru they are celebrating Mother’s Day for all of our Inca Link mothers. Happy Mother’s Day to all of you mothers that make Inca Link awesome! 
  5. Link Year is finishing their time together and it has totally changed lives. Let’s pray for the Linkers of 2018-2019 – registration is still open. Do you know anyone who is 18-23 years old that could benefit from a Gap year/Link year experience? Please write us if you do. 

Highs – Olivia celebrated her 25 years of age, matching half of our age 🙂 Josiah is coming as an intern this summer – YAYYYY.

Lows – Elisa went to the emergency room with severe back pain and spent the night there. She is doing much better now.

2 Prayer Requests

  1. Pray for our trip to Colombia for the final debrief of Linkers in Armenia.
  2. Pray for our Summit for generational leaders that more people will sign up. We have a trip this weekend to Guayaquil with pastors, radio and TV interviews and meetings with youth leaders and a large church.

Goals reached for the Kingdom of God and for Inca Link – We led the facilitators course with 37 leaders and pastors from Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela, we taught youth group for Alexa’s group and it was fun last Friday night, we had meetings with Inca Link International, Inca Link Peru, Inca Link Ecuador and E625, and Kairos and many meetings through Skype or Zoom 🙂

Intensely Focused 🙂
Rich and Elisa