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Terrific Tuesdays 6-4-19

Hello Inca Link friends! Here are some updates from the past few weeks:

  1. Inca Thakhi has a member that played the saxophone in an orchestra in Trujillo. He received the sax from an Inca Link donation.
  2. The Saccsaras have been invited to a Quechua village to speak on the subject of what the Bible says about marriage, and the people are also asking for literacy classes since many of them don’t know how to read.
  3. Cumbre Alta VS Deportivo Quito – This Saturday our Inca Link team will play against Deportivo Quito in the league the two teams are in.
  4. We had 160 people at the National Forum for Pastoring Generationally in Ecuador. There were 61 organizations and 12 provinces represented to dialogue about how to improve generational pastoring.
  5. The Inca Link Amazing Race has begun well in Colombia and Ecuador.
  6. Fabian and Mabe, after 13 years, had a beautiful daughter – Alegría, meaning Joy. We celebrate with them!

Highs – We were able to be with our college friends and our soccer team from the 1980s. Alexa was precious and intelligent at the Jr/Sr Banquet and this semester. It’s nice to have my dad in Ecuador 🙂

Lows – A friend of ours passed away in a motorcycle accident, we were at the wake last night. 🙁

Goals reached for the Kingdom of God – We attended a national Alliance council in Orlando, we interviewed candidates for Inca Link, we organized more and gained more concerts for Corban, we coordinated meetings through Zoom with the Inca Link missionaries, candidates and we had meetings with Inca Link Ecuador and the missions committee.

Intensely Focused,
Rich and Elisa