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Terrific Tuesdays 8-8-17

Hi to all of our Inca Link Global friends and family,

We thank God for several months of fruit, filled with groups, interns and volunteers in our different countries and ministries. We see God’s hand working all around us and it is a privilege to serve with Him. Here are some of the latest news items of Inca Link and our lives.

  1. Today is our daughter, Olivia, and her husband Mark’s 2nd year anniversary.
    Jean Shannon
    Olivia & Mark’s wedding

    She works for Inca Link in the social media department. It is also my mother-in-law’s birthday today. Happy Birthday Jean Shannon.

  2. The interns from this summer served well in Ecuador and Peru. We are meeting this week to have the final debrief to be motivated to go back home serving the King. Pray that they will go back to their studies, jobs, families and ministries empowered to keep serving God.

    Inca Thakhi
  3. Casa Elizabeth has a new video. We want to thank all of our workers and volunteers for this ministry and many of you who have given through the years to make this a successful ministry. This particular video is about Karina, whose life was changed for Christ by being in the teen pregnancy center. See video.
  4. We had the privilege of serving in Peru with a short-term team from the U.S. linked with 12 Peruvians
    Runa Simi

    from Lima – ministering in Lima, Aucallama and Trujillo. We were able to do sandboarding with Joca and his ministry, Inca Thakhi.

  5. We visited Runa Simi and the Saccsaras who are Inca Link missionaries serving the Quechua people in Peru.

    Paul and Lineth Overmoyer

We are excited to present to you a new Inca Link Missionary couple headed to Colombia in 2018: Paul and Lineth Overmoyer. We can’t wait to see what God does in and through them. Welcome to Inca Link!

Highs – We were able to serve two groups who were of impact – Fellowship Alliance Church in Medford, N.J. serving in Ecuador, and Appleton Alliance Church in Wisconsin (linked with Cono Norte Callao church in Lima) serving in Peru. We celebrated Alexa’s 17th birthday and Josiah’s 20th.

Lows – We are all getting over colds :(.

2 Prayer Requests – That this last week with the interns will be of impact in their lives and that they can return home with a fervor to keep serving God. Also pray for our next 10 sermons, trainings, expositions that Elisa and I have for the next few months. May God use us in these platforms that he is giving us to impact the lives of the leaders who are helping us reach 300 million youth in Latin America.

Goals reached for the kingdom of God and for Inca Link – Leading two short-term team groups, being with the Saccsaras, the Argumedos, the Schriefer’s – who are our work site coordinators in Peru and our Link Year discipleship mentoring couple, the leaders of Inca Link Peru, the interns, and our friends in Ecuador and Peru.

Intensely focused :),
Rich and Elisa