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Terrific Tuesdays 9-5-23

Happy Terrific Tuesday! We are at an event for leaders of new generations, and we are so excited to be here. We are also super excited because today we are announcing a new country!

  • What we want you to understand is that we do not go around going, “Which country should we pick this year for Inca Link?” We have always said we squint our eyes and ears to see what God’s already doing and then ask the Lord to guide us and lead us wherever He wants. We are just going to obey.
  • Things are happening in this country! We have already held soccer camps in this country – 750 kids were trained through these camps by our Cumbre Alta ministry staff in Ecuador. We are also starting to hear people say, “We want to help out because there’s such a big need in this country.”
  • So which country are we talking about? It is … Inca Link USA! Now maybe some of you are thinking, isn’t the point of Inca Link to reach the 300 million youth of Latin America? Here’s the thing – 10% of those 300 million live in the United States of America. So, we have to serve the youth there as well.
  • We are so happy because even the church you are a part of can look for Latino populations and help us serve them.
  • Please pray for us as we launch Inca Link USA, and think about ways that your church can come and participate in the United States to help us reach the 300 million youth of Latin America.

God bless you. Have a great week.