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Terrific Tuesdays 9-6-22

Happy Terrific Tuesday! This one is a little different because we have been going around talking to a lot of our Inca Link missionaries and staff for the last year, but today it is just us. So we wanted to take this opportunity to go into more details about what we do and what we have been up to lately:

  • We are nomads. We go for 1-3 months to each country of Latin America, we do not have a home base, and we stay in people’s homes. Then every 6 weeks, we try to have a week to ourselves.
  • We have 4 bosses. Rich is with Envision USA, Elisa is with the Canadian Alliance, we report to the Inca Link Board, and Lucas Leys (e625) – who we have an MOU with – makes sure we are reaching and leading the leaders of Latin America and e625.
  • What does our day-to-day look like? Every day is different, depending on where we are and what we are doing. Here’s what we try to do in a year:
    • We try to visit all of our missionaries, all of their projects, and meet with our staff in every country (Inca Link is now in 9 different countries). We talk about strategies, some felt needs in their communities, and how Inca Link is reaching the youth in their communities.
    • We do a lot of speaking in English and Spanish, we get invited to different churches, schools, seminars, camps, and conferences to speak on anything that has to do with the new generations. We have next generation leadership training, missions training, how to get people from Latin America on the mission field, etc. We sometimes get to preach together, too!
    • We travel to different countries that have reached out to us saying they need Inca Link’s help with their project in reaching the next generation. We are often traveling to countries to “scope out the land”.
  • What about Corban? The band is still going strong! They have been making music for 22 years now. They have a tour every 2 years, and in between, they are writing songs, recording, and making music videos.
  • We are in the process of writing 3 books for e625 for our Latin American constituency.
  • Elisa is on the ordination committee for the district in Canada, and Rich is on different boards including the Alliance Academy Board, and is working on a doctorate degree in Organizational Leadership from Asbury Seminary.

That’s a little glimpse into what we do! Have a great week!