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Terrific Tuesdays – Early February

(Originally written in Spanish, quickly translated…)
Hello all of Inca Link 🙂
I hope you had a good week.
  1. The Pasitos de Fe video premiered on Friday. Please share the video to multiply the people who see .. PLEASE –
  2. Corban bought the tickets for the tour of Central and North America .. June 27th to July 29th… please pray.
  3. The World Race came to Peru. They are such a blessing as they were in Ecuador.
  4. Thanks for praying for my dad who is almost 100%.
  5. Pray for Lisa Merritt who is traveling and recruiting groups & interns to come serve.
  6. There’s a new intern coming this week. There are also groups in Ecuador and Peru arriving this week.
  7. A new girl arrived at Casa Elizabeth.
  8. Kindergarten teachers are being trained in Peru.
  9. For His Children accepted the agreement concerning Tesoros with Inca Link Ecuador  and is working with them. 🙂
High of the Week
Mishayla team won 3rd place, Mimi scored the last penalty of six of his team to win. Josiah’s team won 2nd place. We had a nice meeting with Ecuador IL – kill us laughing and we’re such good friends. The Fe Pasitos video is being seen – have already been over 500 views – and people are starting to give.
Have a nice week blessed by God.
Intensely Focused 🙂
Rich and Elisa
P.S. Remember that people intensely focused over time, multiplied by God – is an unstoppable movement! THIS CAN BE LINK INCA.