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Terrific Tuesday 2-18-14

Friends of Inca Link and the World,

We thanks God for answering our prayers… here are a few examples:

  1. We have a new board for IL Peru!! Juan Cruz – President, Wendy – Vice, Eisleen – Secretary, Eli – Treasurer y Dany Ascencio – Representative. Congratulations.. let´s keep it going 🙂
  2. Easons are now being installed in the Montañita Verde Children´s home in Manta, where there are 8 kids.
  3. Cumbre Alta begins the Ameteur league on the 8th of March with a great team to win the tournament. We have Andrew Rippy who is the intern helping out a ton.
  4. This week we got to groups to come to Latin America.
  5. We had a great Leader Mundial Ecuador day – we were recruiting new partners to keep the ministry going. We had 20 men.
  6. Elisa is teaching at Entre Nosotras this week – close to 100 women who are close to coming to Christ. She is teaching the 5 Languages of Love.

HELP NEEDED – We need you to copy the address below and promote it on your FB, Twitters etc. This is going to bless Inca Link – but we need to urgently get people going to these Big Days of Serve.

High´s and Low´s

Highs – We were able to go with the Easons and Ariel to help install them into the Children´s home at Montañita Verde. Leader Mundial Ecuador was awesome. Entre Nosotras was good.

Lows – There were a lot of insects and things at Montañita Verde and that made us worry that we would lose our staff there :(.

2 Prayer Requests – The Word Race – pray that we do not lose this big group to our countries. I have a conversation with them this week – pray that they keep coming and blessing us. Let´s all keep in prayer the new board of Inca link Peru.

Goals Met – Installed the Eason’s and Ariel in Manta, organized Leader Mundial Ecuador, prepared more of the book I am writing, meetings with IL Ecuador, Assembly of IL Peru, Skype with IL International. We also had meetings with Youth Specialties Ecuador. Elisa is teaching 4 days for Entre Nosotras.

Intensely Focused,

Rich y Elisa