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Terrific Tuesday 2-3-15

This is what God is doing in Inca Link these days:

  1. The World Race – with 56 people left Quito yesterday. It was a good group that served all over Ecuador in our ministries across the country. The staff at Casa Blanca are taking a few days to rest on the beach. They need it. May you all rest well :).
  2. Corban band came back from TPC energised for what God did in and through them.
  3. Cumbre Alta – soccer discipleship ministry continues with plans to start up in the official soccer league of Ecuador. They are getting some good teams together with both the younger and older kids. They are also putting lights on a field and setting up a field of 5 vs 5 to start renting out to become the financial motor for the club. Please pray that money will come in for this.
  4. Casa Elizabeth – teen pregnancy center in Ecuador could have a new girl arrive tomorrow. Pray for her and the house as they will adjust.
  5. The CLA –  All Latin American Alliance Youth Event will be held the 27-31 of March. Pray for Corban as they will lead worship and work on a Video that week. Will you come to this event?


Groups – we have 37 groups right now for the 3 countries. YAYYY
Interns – WE still only have 17 interns for the Amazing race. Help us reach our goal. We need 13 more.
10635914_903563443010313_5276308528366245043_nHighs – We had a great Superbowl party last night. See the commercial on Ecuador and share it with anyone you wish. See picture attached. We have had some good conversations with our kids. Another high – Olivia wrote an amazing blog — Angels with drivers license  – when we lived in Peru.

Lows – We need more people to sign up to the CLA event in March.
2 Prayer Requests – Pray for CLA. We thank God for the 150 who have signed up already for the Youth Specialties Summit in May. WE need some musicians and keynote speakers to confirm. Please pray.
Goals reached for the Kingdom of Christ and Inca Link – Meetings with the Youth Specialties team, Inca Link International staff meeting, Inca Link Ecuador board meeting, Intern night, meetings with possible contacts to bring teams and interns, and some pastors that came from the U.S. – The Superbowl party 🙂
Intensamente Enfocados :),
Rich y Elisa