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Terrific Tuesday 3-3-15

Hi to all of the Heroes of Inca Link,

I hope you have had some good weeks. Here are some of the amazing things God is doing in Inca Link.

  1. The Eason´s in one week were able to finalize the purchase of a pick up truck and get a visa. They are happy. Jim also got a pick up truck and is happy :).
  2. Inca Link Ecuador had an amazing, restful retreat. It was prohibited to talk about work – everyone rested and got to know each other better.
  3. Cumbre Alta soccer ministry in Ecuador has its first games of the year this month.
  4. The youth from Inca Thakhi is leading a sports competition in floorball, skating and mountain boarding.
  5. The youth from Mana (garbage dump day care center), Inca Thakhi camp ministry and Amijai (youth at risk near the garbage dump) walked from the children´s home to the Day Care center to do some sporting events together. They are growing as friends across ministry lines.
  6. Elim – the garbage dump ministry in Trujillo, Peru continues to pray for a piece of property.

Groups – We have over 30 – we reached our goal!
Interns – We have 20 – we are still 10 short.

Highs and Lows

Highs – We had a Holy Spirit Encounter in Calgary, Canada and we were able to see some friends and family. It was very cold in the snow but the hot springs were nice. We had good meetings with the Striplings. My kids are playing their sports again – Josiah has scored 4 goals and was the player of the game today. Alexa had her first basketball game and scored a 3 pointer and was the ball handler for the team. She too was one of the best on her team today.

Lows – We continue to wait for more people to sign up for CLA – all Alliance Latin American youth event, and EJ – Youth Specialties for Ecuador.

Prayer Requests – Pray for more people to sign up for CLA and EJ. Pray for Elisa this week who is talking about suffering and it´s place in the Christian´s life – at Entre Nosotras.

Goals met for the Kingdom of Christ and for Inca Link – Meetings with the Canadian Regional leaders, the Holy Spirit Encounter, meetings with the team that is coming to Ecuador from Calgary, meetings with the Striplings our new work site coordinators for this summer in Peru YAYYY. Praise God for them – Meetings with Youth Specialties and Entre Nosotras.

Intensely focused,
Rich and Elisa 🙂