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Terrific Tuesday 4-1-14

Hi friends on the best work team in the World!

unnamed-1God´s hand is on Inca Link and we also have some challenges:

  1. Ninawachi wasunnamed-2 inaugurated with 430 people who were there, and came from 5 indigenous communities – Shuar, Huaorani, 3 different Quichua communities and all over Ecuador there were people. See pictures. We have 15 students learning missions and 50 students learning English. Great work Ninawachi team (Marissa we missed you). 
  2. Cumbre Alta starts their championship on April 12. They had a community work day to get the field ready. They need help if anyone is in Quito and could help by serving on saturday. Please contact Nate. –
  3. The kids at Inca Thakhi when to CONACH and practiced Sand-boarding and Skim-boarding. They were filmed for a sports channel of extreme sports. 
  4. Soon Inca Link Peru will have a person working full-time to get the final paperwork together to have the kids in the Children´s home called Pasitos de Fe.. Steps of Faith. 
  5. The children´s home in Manta – Montañita Verde – has 8 children. Thanks for your prayers last week. Everything was fixed and we now have Will and Amanda serving there and Percy is helping. They are putting order to things there. 
  6. unnamed-4Nathan and Kelley Taube – with their kids Canaan and Eden are officially Inca Link Missionaries. Nate is in charge of the Cumbre Alta sports ministry. Welcome.. See attached picture.

Let´s pray for the interns and teams that will come this summer.

Highs and Lows

unnamed-5Highs – We had a great time in Ninawachi for the inauguration. It was awesome to get to know a real live Huaorani (see picture) The main guy in the picture was also in the National Geographic on January 2013! Also I had an awesome birthday. See the picture of my birthday meal :). Also, Josiah lived the youth encounter and it was great, and Mishayla worked and served at it. She loved it too.

Lows, I was sick and so was Elisa and most of the family this week with a cold. The stress over what was going on in Manta was tough.

unnamed-62 Prayer requests – Pray for the person who will be getting the legal papers together so we can have kids in Steps of Faith children´s home. We hope to have kids there soon. Also pray for more people to sign up for the Youth Specialties event the 9th and 10th of May. We have 650 signed up but need a total of 2,000.

Goals reached – I preached at the Inauguration of Ninawachi, we were with Mel and Kelly at Daybreak. 3 of the girls at Casa Elizabeth went to the Youth Encounter. We served them. BTW we have a new girl named Tania who is 8 months pregnant in Casa Elizabeth. I answered emails for IL, EJ and Leader Mundial. I also had a School Board Meeting.

Intensely Focused :),
Rich and Elisa