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Terrific Tuesday 4-21-15

HI to all – it has been almost a month since we have written. We have had the CLA event (150 leaders from all over Latin America of the Alliance), Leader Mundial (9th year of community and training with guys from all over the World), Elisa´s and my birthdays and many more things. But now we have a lot to share about what God is doing in and through Inca Link:

  1. The Children´s Home – Pasitos de Fe (Steps of Fait)h – in Trujillo, Peru is getting closer and closer to having children. If we reach the goal by May 1st there will be celebration on the whole continent!
  2. The ministry of Bonzai is about to begin in Manta, Ecuador. It is a day care/after school program that the Easons are heading up. It will help the kids in the most needed circumstances in the city. Pray for the Easons as they have a child who has been abused staying with them. The government has given them temporary custody.
  3. The ministry of Oasis – day care center in Colombia is reaching out to more kids. We are adding 20 more kids – which means we need 20 more sponsors for these kids of garbage diggers.
  4. Cumbre Alta, soccer discipleship ministry in Ecuador is training for their first game, they also had a coach come who is interested in heading up our girls/women´s soccer program.
  5. We had over 27 people apply for the Intern and Team Coordinator position. But, we are sad we will only have Kayla with us for a little while longer. S11129393_886322781405763_9151113045072905007_o copyhe is taking a position at an hispanic church.
  6. David and Lucy Noboa – had a meeting at our house last night as a preliminary meeting for their church plant under La Luz. It will open up next year. Inca Link is partnering with this new church plant.
  7. The ministries of Amijai and Mana in Trujillo, Peru had a celebration together. One of the kids was baptized. There are 35 women (mothers) attending each week as well as 110 kids. (See Pic)


11136699_10153196228105270_6825871939875513544_n copyHighs – Leader Mundial was inspiring – see pic – see if you can find me in the picture :). I had to speak this year and it went well. Elisa found an apartment for us to rent in College Station, Texas where Michaela will live with us. She also found the schooling option for Alexa.

Lows – Josiah is on crutches – see pic. We need more people signed up for the Youth Specialties Conference in Quito. We need 700 more paid by May1st.

10676349_10153121458100339_6128332939487101040_n copy2 Prayer requests – Pray for Josiah´s foot to be healed for the tournament this Friday and Saturday. Pray for the Youth Specialties Conference.

Goals reached for the Kingdom of Christ and Inca Link – Training at Leader Mundial – My roommate (a good roommate:)) was Billy Thomas from ILI board of directors. I preached at a church in Atlanta to motivate them to come. Elisa and I interviewed several candidates for ILI.

Intensely Focused :),
Rich and Elisa