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Terrific Tuesday 5-20-14

Hi Inca Link friends,

We are beginning the Amazing Race tomorrow! The Interns are arriving today to Colombia. We will have 23 people here by late tonight. Here are some key things happening thanks to the Lord:

  • Maná – Children´s ministry in Trujillo – They had dental checks for 45 children several got their teeth clean, some got fillings.
  • Elim – Garbage dump in Trujillo – They had 73 people celebrating Mother’s Day and they gave glasses for women who needed them. Check out the pictures on Facebook here.
  • Cumbre Alta soccer program is in 5th place in the league. Let’s pray for them for their game this saturday.
  • The World Race and Crown College team were in Ecuador – Manta, South Quito, Ninawachi, Carapungo, Cumbre Alta etc.
  • Inca Link Colombia is opening a food Kitchen this month and will have it’s first Inca Link team this summer. Praise the Lord!
  • Casa Elizabeth – Teen pregnancy center – Tania’s Baby was born. Her name is Maria Fernanda. Pray for Tania who will be in the hospital for another 8 days, as she has an infection.
  • Marie Formica was healed yesterday and was able to get on the plane to join the other interns for the Amazing Race. God healed her!
  • Mabe continues to have pain in her back. Let’s pray for her.
  • Mark Shafer’s Mom is very ill. Pray for Mark as he is flying up to see her.

Highs and Lows

Highs – We are enjoying Colombia and the Amazing Race. We have a lot to do here. The fruit of the Youth Specialties Summit EJ continues to come in – we are receiving a lot of requests for training. We are with Olivia!!! YAYY. The Amazing Race should be the best ini 7 years :).

Lows – We continue to look for an apartment to live in. We don’t want to move. 🙁

10301960_616247765138673_7466223920530009653_n2 Prayer Requests

  1. Find a place to live.
  2. That the Race be an awesome training for our interns.

Goals Reached for the Kingdom

A great meeting to evaluate EJ with the best team from any EJ in the World (See Picture). Meetings with Inca Link Colombia. Meetings for the Race and meetings with the President of Youth here in Colombia.

Intensely Focused 😉
Rich and Elisa