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Terrific Tuesday 7-1-14

photo 5Friends of Inca Link Global,

This is a busy season for all of us, and we are tired. However, there are some amazing things that God is doing in our midst.

  1. The World Cup is interesting. Let´s go Americas. Josiah and I will be at the quarter finals game this Saturday, July 5 in Brasilia. Who will be there? USA? Argentina? Colombia?
  2. Julie, from Casa Elizabeth – the Teen Pregnancy Center, got married and said good bye to the girls in the home to be united to her new family. It was beautiful to hear her say, “Living in CE is where I learned about God and how to be a family.” See pictures
  3. Mishayla graduated last night! Elisa and she will go this Saturday to begin classes next Tuesday.
  4. Cumbre Alta won their game this week against Atahualpa.
  5. photo (2)Elim, garbage dump ministry got a scholarship for the mothers of the kids there to get surgery on their eyes. Praise the Lord.
  6. We have Short Term teams who are important to us in Ecuador and Peru, and the interns are doing great ministry in our countries.

Highs and Lows

Highs – Mishayla received a scholarship to be a missionary. That is going to help pay for some of the college costs. Josiah and I will go to the World Cup this Thursday – It´s a trip of a life time.

Lows – Mishayla is leaving this Saturday to the U.S. and we wont see her for like 6 months. My Dad went back to the U.S. today :(.

2 Prayer requests – For Mishayla and Elisa that they may get all of the things done that they need to do in two days photo 1there in Texas. They will stay with the Bryans. Pray for my mother in law, she had an operation on her ankle today in emergency after falling down the stairs. She is the only caregiver of my father in law who has Alzheimer’s.

Goals met for the Kingdom of God

I was able to present Mishayla with the scholarship at Graduations. We had the going away party for Julie from Casa Elizabeth. I was able to lead two debriefs from the team that was here last week. We had all of the Ecuador interns at our house for food and soccer :).

Intensely focused,
Rich and Elisa

photo 2P.S. Please enjoy this article for all our IL Missionaries and interns. We expect you all to be self-feeders. Please read it.