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Terrific Tuesday 9-16-14

HI To all! I hope you are enjoying your September. It´s already half over. We are finally ready to get back to the High´s and Low´s and main points of Inca Link.

  1. Cumbre Alta ILE lost their game this week, but it is still a possibility that they will get to play in the semifinals this week as the best from the losing teams. Pray.
  2. Samy and I spent the weekend doing a youth ministry training in two cities of Ecuador and we had over 260 youth leaders. It was cool. I preached 4 hours in two days.
  3. Amijaí ILP had 15 adolescent girls that accepted the Lord this week. Praise the Lord. Now to disciple them with the Inca Link DNA of discipleship. Good work Brenda and the team there.
  4. Inca Thakhi ILP -they were invited to participate again in the II Floorball tournament. We need to win 🙂
  5. Jhonny at Inca Link Colombia is looking for a new apartment to live in. Let´s pray that he finds one today or tomorrow and at the right price.
  6. The sponsorship program OASIS of Inca Link Colombia opened it´s doors for 20 children. We now have 11 kids sponsored. Let´s pray for more.
  7. Montañita Verde – ILE – We have an important meeting tomorrow night in Manta with the Foundation Por Amor. We need wisdom and insight to do the right thing. Pray.
  8. 10649455_741234362608048_7018499063728292692_nSilvano Espindola (Former captain of the Argentina National Soccer team – he played with Maradona) and his wife will be in Quito doing a ministry training. Inca Link is in charge of this. If you think you might be able to promote it for Ecuadorians please use the attached picture to your Social Media.

Highs and Lows

High – This weekend training with 260 people was awesome. Elisa is happy to finally be moved into our new house. Thanks World Racers and Interns for helping!.

Low – we keep hoping to hear good news from our kids in college.

2 Prayer requests – You all know that we have had a long summer of transition for Mishayla into college. We are at the end of the hardest times we think. Please pray for a 20 hour a week job that she can get this week. It is a HUGE prayer request. Also, pray for the big meeting tomorrow, Tuesday in Manta.

Goals for the Kingdom – Training of Leaders in the coast of Ecuador, coordinating the AAI school board meeting, meetings with ILE and ILI, Elisa starts Entre Nosotras this week.

Intensely Focused,
Rich and Elisa