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Terrific Tuesdays 2-6-18

Hi to all of our Inca Link Heroes,

Thanks for serving God with us – either from within the organization or praying and supporting from outside. We need you all :). Here are some of the highlights in Inca Link global.

  1. Congratulations to Nate Taube who graduated with a Masters degree in Business from Mississippi State University. Proud of you Nate!
  2. We had tryouts for the 2018 Cumbre Alta men´s soccer season. We thank God for a lot of players that came out for the tryouts. Cumbre Alta is growing really fast and well.
  3. Casa Elizabeth (the teen pregnancy center in Ecuador) is under construction for the next 6 weeks, along with an extension of the Love Shack. Pray for this construction that will help our couples who serve there.
  4. We are breaking records for Short Term mission teams this year. We have 42 on the list. Praise God. We are in conversations with others that are hoping to come as well.
  5. Inca Link Peru is getting the documents in order to buy a property for Elim (our garbage dump ministry with kids) and for the Assembly coming up later this month.
  6. Oasis (Sponsorship ministry for kids whose parents recycle) inaugurated a basketball court for the kids last week. There are still 30 some kids that need sponsored.

Help us –  February 14-28, every day, Inca Link will have a Facebook Live video. Each of our projects will have a day that they will go on LIVE, please help us by liking, sharing and commenting each day. This will help us a lot.

Highs – Mishayla is here for 3 weeks! See Picture. We are also going to have a week vacation. I´m ready to rest :).

Low – I had a stye in my eye :(.

2 Prayer Requests

  1. Pray for true rest on our vacation.
  2. Pray for people to sign up for our big leadership events in Guayaquil and Quito. We expect 3000 people total. This is to train leaders of children, youth, university age and lead pastors.

Goals reached for the kingdom of God and Inca Link – We had an amazing camp ministry in Costa Rica with 84 Alliance churches youth. Elisa did Planeta Girl for all of the girls, and I spoke to the boys. We spoke 12 hours in 2 days 🙂 Kairos course went fabulous and we have another one later this month in the jungles with about 28 students. I had a scouting trip to Colombia that went really well in meetings with leaders in Bogota and Armenia. Elisa had a great meeting with Entrenosotras this week. We had great conversations with interns, missionaries and future missionaries.

Intensely Focused,
Rich and Elisa