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Terrific Tuesdays 3-21-23

Happy Terrific Tuesday! We are in beautiful San José, Costa Rica, with Eric Wahl.

  • What are you doing here? I am working on our Katamanthano Academic Residency Program, a program for undergraduate students. We are starting with Crown College, and we’re in talks with Toccoa Falls and Grace College and Seminary in Indiana. This program is open to any undergraduate student or any returning student for a 2-year associates program.
  • If someone is in college and wants to come down and get some academic credit, what are the courses that they would take? What would they learn? What would they be doing in Costa Rica? We are concentrating on making disciples; through that, we are focusing on academic excellence in intercultural and Bible studies. So, they would be taking lots of intercultural classes, getting hands-on experience with engaging and learning another culture, and specifically Spanish studies.
  • What a great way for people to engage in a different culture. If it’s missions, if it’s cross-cultural training, if it’s going on a trip and learning in another country – this is your place.
  • Inca Link continues to grow in Costa Rica. Eric and his whole family, including their 5 kids, are looking at moving down to Costa Rica full time to be adjunct professors and teaching and raising their family. We would love for you to be a part. Learn more about Costa Rica here.

Hope you have a great week! God bless you.