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Terrific Tuesdays 3-22-16

Hi to all of our Inca Link global family,

God continues to bless us on many fronts. Here are a few of the amazing things that we can thank the Lord for:

  1. The mission team from Canada called Mission Peru had an amazing ministry in Trujillo again. We praise the Lord for 8 years of partnership together.
  2. The kids in our ministries with Inca Link Peru had a talent show night. See it here –
    Hola a todos los amigos de Inca Link global, in Colombia who received a new houseru/?fref=ts
  3. Some kids who had nowhere to live in Colombia were provided with a house thanks to a partner church called Risen King of the Alliance in the U.S. See picture of the kids who got a new house 🙂
  4. Cumbre Alta soccer club started this last week. Both the men´s team and the women´s team are going to do well this year. If you know Spanish – check out this blog 🙂 and Abbyocialnetwork
  5. We have some sad news today – one of the first Inca Link interns, from one of our first Short Term missions teams, later became the CFO of Inca Link running all of our finances and making Inca Link great – his name, Joseph Fisher. He found new and better ways to do things online and helped Inca Link grow. He is ending his time officially with us at the end of March. His wife´s business is taking off and he wants to dedicate more time helping with that. We are so thankful that Joseph will continue to be in a role of overseeing finances for Inca Link, although he will not be involved in the day to day business. We will miss you Joseph. We love you so much! We appreciate your wisdom, your loyalty and your desire to do everything right and well. Thanks Joseph.

Highs – The 23rd of March is Elisa´s and my 26th anniversary. It has been awRich and Elisaesome to live life with my soul mate – my loving wife. We will celebrate officially in July with a trip, but I wanted to use this space to say to all – Elisa, you are my best friend, the love of my life, you are the partner that serves with me in the ministry in friendships with others and in everything – you make me great when really I´m small. Happy Anniversary my love. Another High is that we had an amazing family vacation over Spring break in Tennessee and got revitalized to return with new passion and vision for another term of service.

Lows – I have had a continual cough thanks to some allergies I have. 🙁

Prayer requestsCorban has decided to do another tour from June 24 – July 14th in the U.S. Pray because we need to contact a lot of churches, coordinate flights, trips, homes, food, gas, etc. as we serve with missions and music.

Goals reached for the Kingdom of God and for Inca Link – Rest for the soul with my family in Tennessee, we have had no less than 8 Skype meetings in the last week, including with Inca Link Ecuador Assembly meeting, Meetings with our bosses, with missionaries in the Dominican Republic and El Salvador, etc. I spoke at a mens breakfast at a Methodist Church in Houston, and we continue to promote Inca Link to churches, possible interns and missionaries.

Intensely Focused 🙂

Rich and Elisa