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Terrific Tuesdays 3-27-18

Hi to all of Inca Link global,

Here are the latest updates of Inca Link: 

  1. Cumbre Alta started the season and had a scrimmage on Saturday.
  2. Amijai, at risk children and women’s ministry, had a great devotional this week with many women.
  3. The Link Year girls are at our project in Oasis, Bogota, Colombia. Next year’s mentoring family, the Lamcas, are there visiting this week. If you know of any 18-23 year olds who would benefit from a 9 month program of mentorship and ministry, please contact us. They should be able to communicate well in English.
  4. The Kings Academy team has come for over 10 years and is here on the ground in the jungles again this week. We also have teams from Erindale Alliance and Circle Drive Alliance (both from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan) in Ecuador and Peru during Holy Week.
  5. Corban is preparing some amazing events for the next 19 months. The Summit for generational leaders in Ecuador in May, in Peru in November, weekend retreat in Guadalajara, Mexico in November, Life Conference in Orlando in July 2019 and a mini summit in Trujillo, Peru in 2019. 
  6. Envision Latin America is growing. We have projects in El Salvador, Guadalajara, Mexico and Dominican Republic. We also serve Envision through Inca Link in Ecuador, Peru and Colombia.

Highs – Alexa is playing some good basketball. Josiah was able to go to the Peru soccer game in Miami and Peru won. We have 10 people in our house 🙂 We are happy. Lows – Alexa’s team lost yesterday – hope they win today. Meylin has been sick here at our house. Please pray for her. 🙁

2 Prayer requests

  1. Pray for wisdom – we need God to illuminate us as we make decisions as leaders.
  2. Pray for the Summit we are organizing for 3000 leaders all over Ecuador in May. We need more sign ups 🙂

Goals reached for the Kingdom of God and for Inca Link – We had great meetings in Guayaquil and with Entrenosotras this week. We received 125 books from E625 from the Kings Academy Team. We developed a curriculum for pre-teens that will be used all over the continent, we are updating our Spanish website of Inca Link and we are working on some book ideas. ILE Assembly meetings went well as did the Board meeting at the Alliance Academy International.

Intensely Focused :),
Rich and Elisa