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Terrific Tuesdays 4-30-19

Hello to all of the Inca Link community! Here are some updates from this week:


  1. There is a new 15 year old in Casa Elizabeth!
  2. Paul Overmoyer and Todd Sovine are grandparents!
  3. Amijai, under Brenda Moya and her team’s leadership, is unstoppable! Here is what they have accomplished:
    •entrepreneur project called La Rica pizza (delicious pizza),
    •embroidery/knitting workshop,
    •new mothers and
    •a teen that was baptized!
  4. Bonsai has 3 new sponsors and a mother of one of the children attended church on Sunday.
  5. We had a fun picnic with Leader Mundial.
  6. Cumbre Alta won their game this week. Check out this video of their goals.
  7. We had an exciting meeting with Tim Wendell, our Alliance boss in the US!


  1. We lost a directorial candidate for one of the projects because of a moral failure.

Prayer Requests:

  • Our son Josiah has student loans that he needs to pay off ASAP.
  • Alexa is very busy in these last months of high school. Pray for her!
  • Pray that God provides all of the workers we need for each project.

Goals reached: Board meetings with ILI, ILP, construction plans for Casa Elizabeth, Kairos, Entre Nosotras Meeting, planning for a group, Leader Mundial meeting, meeting with Inca Link missionaries.

Abrazos to all!
Intensely focused,
Elisa and Rich