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Terrific Tuesdays 5-17-22

Happy Terrific Tuesday! We are in Trujillo, Peru, in the project Elim with Brent and Stephany.

  • What exactly is Elim? Elim is a ministry that’s part of Inca Link Peru, and we work in The Miracle community. We work in many sectors, including one that is part of the garbage dump community. We are working on fighting so that the gospel can make an impact in this community and transform every aspect of life for kids, teens, moms, and families.
  • If we have short-term teams or volunteers come, what would they do? Here at Elim, you can teach classes on whatever talent or gift that you have – you can teach soccer, painting – whatever you can do, we can use here. If you’re with a short-term team, you would also be part of Sunday school classes (on Saturdays) teaching the Bible to the kids and also participating with them in other activities.
  • We are close to the garbage dump here in Trujillo, serving families who are miners looking through the trash for recyclable things in order to make a living. You can come help serve their children, help them get to know Jesus and also help in the ministry. Think about serving here if you haven’t already. If you have already been here, send a note to Brent and Stephany to encourage them!

We hope you have a great week! God bless you.