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Terrific Tuesdays 5-7-24

Happy Terrific Tuesday! We’re happy because we are in San Jose, Costa Rica, and we’re enjoying getting to know Luke and Maddy.

  • What are you doing here? Maddy and I are serving as the general managers of Tucántico. It is Inca Link Costa Rica’s first financial engine, first business, to help support and sustain its ministries. So we’re here getting things jump-started, serving coffee, getting new food on the menu. Our goal with that is, we’re just two blocks from the campus of the University of Costa Rica, so we’re trying to reach the college students as well in hopes to launch a ministry on the university campus through the cafe. We’re serving students and serving coffee.
  • What are some of the needs you have? One of our biggest needs is financial. We have a lot of goals with the cafe, but we can’t accomplish them yet because it’s such a new cafe. Another need is we would like to start English classes here, but we don’t have any resources for that yet. Another need is for global outreach teams to come and join us in daily ministry here, head to campus with us to get to know the students, and come drink some coffee.
  • If you are a coffee person, you need to come check this out. Come to Costa Rica and buy some of our coffee, take it with you; it’s some of the best coffee we’ve had. Shoutout to Westgate Chapel for sending us these lovely people.

We hope you have a great week!