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Terrific Tuesdays 6-25-19

Sometimes when you are going through something “big”, you feel like the rest of the world should stop its normal grind.  One is always surprised when life marches on normally as if nothing is changing.  This has been true in our lives these past weeks. Celebrating our youngest daughter’s high school graduation surrounded by family has been a delight, and with all the changes it is bringing it also feels “earth-movingly big” and it is surprising that it hasn’t affected the entire universe!  In the same way, packing up 14 years of wonderful life and ministry here in Quito feels so giant that we are surprised that all the Inca Link ministries keep progressing, the interns are thriving, the groups are doing their wonderful ministry, all in excellence!  Obviously, this is exactly what we want, but it does surprise us and fill us with joy.  So, while we adapt to the earth moving under our feet, here are the highs and lows of Inca Link for this week.


  1. Alexa passed the National Ecuadorian High School test.  This means she graduated with 2 high school degrees.  One from the States, and one from Ecuador. And as if that were not enough, since the 7th grade Alexa has managed to stay on the honor roll of the school.  We are so proud!
  2. All 6 original family members were able to be here in Quito to celebrate Alexa.  It was great.  5 of us were also able to go to the coast after graduation and moving out of our apartment and enjoy some good family beach time.
  3. It is summer intern time and we have some fabulous interns this year!  Mathias in Honduras; Valerie here in Quito; Lizzy and Susanna in Manta; Taylor, Hope and Mary in Colombia; Faith, Braeden, Maria, Ashley and Raegan are in Trujillo; and of course our faithful Kei is still here, sharing her time between Portoviejo and Quito.
  4. We celebrate the progress we have seen with one of our newest ministries, El Hormiguero, led by Jose Erazo. God is good.
  5. We are also celebrating the fact that our soccer club Casa Deportiva Cumbre Alta is in first place, and we have qualified to play in the Pichincha Cup.  If we win the first two games of this cup, we ascend to the next level, making us a bonafide professional team!
  6. Bonsai with Anna and the Easons have started their building project!  This is so exciting!
  7. The teens at Elim are drawing closer to God as they learn and become faithful to teaching.
  8. Alex, our missionary in Trujillo, has gotten her residency!  This is a huge blessing.
  9. Inca Thakhi has started doing an abuse prevention class with the younger children.
  10. Phase two of the Casa Elizabeth construction is going so well in the capable hands of Fabian Verdesoto.  Thank you Fabian for giving your time and expertise!
  11. Corban starts their tour in 7 days!
  12. We had a wonderful going away party last night with Inca Link Ecuador.
  13. Today is Rich’s father, Milton Brown’s, 82nd birthday! Happy birthday dad!


  1. We have 6 days left with Alexa.  We are taking this one day at a time.
  2. Leaving Ecuador.

Prayer Requests

  1. That God will provide all our interns, staff and missionaries with good health so we can give Him our very best.
  2. That God will provide economically to reach the 300 million youth of Latin America.  Please pray specifically for Bonsai building project, permission to build our Elim building, an accountant for Inca Link Peru, and for all the needs of Inca Link Honduras.

Goals Reached this week for Inca Link: Family vacation; goodbye meeting with Inca Link Ecuador; Corban schedule ready, vehicles figured out, flights, and practice for the tour; had the last Alliance missionary kid graduate from the Alliance Academy. She is the last after 90 years – good job Alexa Brown; meetings with the Alliance Academy and Youth Specialties (e625); our book has been released.

Sending hugs to all,
Intensely focused,
Rich and Elisa