Inca Link is engaged in many different projects in Latin America. By donating, you are allowing your gift to be used where it is needed most. This allows our organization to support existing ministries and launch new projects as God calls us to.

Highlighted Projects

Colombia’s Ministry
  • 5% 5%
Help us minister to the city of Bogotá. By donating, you will be contributing to a drug and alcohol recovery ministry, discipleship of ex-gang members, teen mothers, trade education, fighting hunger and many other issues prevalent in the community.
2020 Vision
  • 45% 45%

For 2021, the Lord has been opening doors for us to launch Inca Link Guatemala! We have opportunities to partner with 3 different ministries across the country as well as missionaries to serve long-term in Guatemala. 

COVID-19 Relief Fund

This fund supports Inca Link ministries in South America to meet the needs of families affected by the COVID-19 global pandemic. 100% of these funds goes toward feeding 430 families in Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, Costa Rica and Honduras.

If you do not want to make donations through PayPal please use our alternative donation system. To make donations through our alternative system use Payments Gateway. On the second tab (Order/Transaction) select the ministry you would like to support. If you don’t see that ministry option, select ‘Other Ministry’ and write in the ministry you want to support. On the third tab (Payment Info) select multiple payments if you would like recurring donations. Check the continuous box to make them monthly, set frequency as monthly and select start date. Please contact our finance officer, Nicole Higgins, with any questions at

Inca Link is partnered with the National Christian Foundation to handle all donations of stock, mutual funds, restricted securities and other asset-based giving.  NCF is the largest Christian Community Foundation in the country and facilitates all stock donations for Inca Link at no cost.

To give stock or other securities to Inca Link via National Christian Foundation, please contact Madison Coats at or call 919.438.0350 for stock transfer information.  In addition, please email Nicole Higgins at to let her know you have donated stock.